About Fred Rushworth Photography

From head shots to managing weekend events requiring multiple photographers Fred Rushworth has the experience to cover your photographic needs.  Fred Rushworth works with a core group of 4 photographers, with the ability to call on additional skills as required.

Fred's approach is heavily influenced by photojournalists and much of his work is to capture a story as it is unfolding.  The skills learned in event photography,  the need to work with people and quickly visual images in rapidly changing situations,  carries over into family photo sessions and even head shots and portraiture.

As the former editor of IMAGERY, the newsletter of Images Alberta Camera Club, Fred collaborated with local professional photographers and other club members to create monthly articles and images that won the newsletter top placing with the Photographic Society Of America through his tenure. 

Fred is the volunteer photographer coordinator  with the Edmonton chapter of the Alberta MS Society.  Events range from a single photographer at a media release to a eight person team of photographers covering the MS Bike tour on the road, team photos,  finish line podium photos  and a same-day slideshow of highlights presented at  the evening banquet.

Fred also works with local non-profit associations to recruit and organize photographers to provide photographic services for their events. Clients include Alberta First Lego League,  Alberta Youth Robotics Association,  Canadian Transplant Association,  Hung De Chinese and Cultural Society,  Ben Calf Robe Pow Wow Society , St Albert International Children's Festival, the Redress Photography Project and the Alberta MS Society.

Fred also mentors and runs photography workshops for Images Alberta Camera Club.

Contact him at: skinny_skier@yahoo.ca